Terms and Policies

    1. You will either be a Vendor or a Purchaser of a certain property which is intended to be bought and sold by way of formal contract ("the Sale Contract").
    2. These terms and conditions represent the agreement between you and the Pre-Contract Deposit Company Limited ("the PCD Company") and the Vendor or Purchaser who is the Other Party.
    3. On joining the scheme both the Vendor and the Purchaser ("the Parties") must each transfer the following sums to the PCD Company.
      1. The deposit described below.
      2. A fee to the PCD Company of £245.00 plus VAT.
    4. If the Other Party fails to transfer the same sum to the PCD Company then both your deposit and your fee will be returned to you without charge as soon as reasonably practical and you will be released from your obligations under the scheme.
    5. The deposit shall be 1% of the intended gross purchase price subject to a minimum of £2,000 and a maximum of £10,000 or such other sum as may be agreed between Vendor and Purchaser.
    6. All deposits received by the PCD Company shall be lodged in an escrow account managed by a Chartered Accountant and each deposit will remain the property of the party who paid it, to be dealt with as set out in these terms and conditions.
    7. If the purchase proceeds to exchange of Sale Contracts, then each deposit will be returned to the party who paid it, save that the Purchaser may at his election ask that his deposit be instead paid as part of the deposit required by the Sale Contract in which case the PCD Company will pay it accordingly to their solicitor.
    8. At any time before the proposed purchase has reached exchange of formal contracts, if either party withdraws from the proposed purchase or declines to proceed with it for any reason, then:
      1. if both parties are in agreement that neither party is at fault then each deposit will be returned to the party who paid it ("Equal Return") or
      2. if the parties are not in agreement about who is at fault then the issue as to the return of the deposits and any compensation to be paid will be referred to an administrator of the PCD Company.
    9. The PCD administrator shall require each party within a reasonable time to state the reason why that party proposes any payment to be made other than by Equal Return and each party must provide to the PCD administrator copies of any documents that he or she or the PCD administrator considers relevant.
    10. The PCD administrator shall consider the information mentioned in the last paragraph and shall propose either Equal Return or that 25% of either party’s deposit be paid to the other party, and may also propose that up to 100% of either party’s deposit should be paid to the other party in compensation for that other party’s reasonable out-of-pocket costs.
    11. If the parties agree with the PCD administrator’s proposals then the deposits shall forthwith be paid by the PCD Company in accordance with the proposals.
    12. If either party does not agree with the proposals or any of them, then the issue will be referred by the PCD administrator to an Arbitrator ("the Arbitrator") for determination under the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996.
    13. Both parties may then make a further statement to the Arbitrator.
    14. The Arbitrator shall, so far as possible, consider the material which was before the PCD administrator and such further information as the Arbitrator may request from either party and shall then at the Arbitrator’s absolute discretion make an award in relation to the deposits, from which there shall be no appeal either to the courts or otherwise.
    15. Following the Arbitrator’s award, the deposits shall be paid in accordance with the award as soon as reasonably practical.
    16. All communications from the Parties must be conducted using the PCD website and the Parties must not communicate with either the PCD administrator or the Arbitrator save as mentioned above.
    17. The services of the PCD administrator and the Arbitrator shall be provided by the PCD Company at no extra cost to either Party.
    18. The procedure described above shall be confidential to the estate agent involved and to the PCD Company and its PCD administrator and Arbitrator and the Parties.

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    What information do we collect?
    When your estate agents registers you to use the PCD service, we will collect the information necessary to provide the service which includes, as a minimum, your name, correspondence address and an e-mail address. You can revisit your account details at any time to amend these details or to provide additional details. Once your estate agent has registered you they will not be able to access your details again other than to verify your address when a transaction is confirmed We will also collect information from you if you complete any other forms on our site or if you contact us with comments or specific requests.

    What do we use personal information for?
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    Contacting you for other purposes
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    We will never pass your details on to other third parties
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    Information requests
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    Changes to this Privacy Policy
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    If you have any queries concerning your personal information or any questions on our use of the information, please contact our Customer Services Manager on:
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    If you have a complaint about our service you can contact us be email at admin@precontractdesposit.co.uk or write to our Client Services Manager at Maple House, High Street, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire EN6 5BS

    Your complaint will be reviewed by our Client Services Manager and by a Director of the Pre-Contract Deposit Company Ltd who will respond within 5 working days.